About the Movie

Adaptation┬áDirector Spike Jonze delivers a stunningly original comedy that seamlessly blends fictional characters and situations with the lives of real people: obsessive orchid hunter John Laroche, New Yorker journalist Susan Orlean, Hollywood screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, and his twin brother, Donald. As Charlie struggles to adapt Orlean’s best-selling book “The Orchid Thief,” he writes himself into his own movie. The various stories crash into one another exploding into a wildly imaginative film.


  • Katie Leclerc as Daphne
  • Vanessa Marano as Bay
  • Constance Marie as Regina
  • D.W. Moffett as John
  • Lea Thompson as Kathryn
  • Lucas Grabeel as Toby
  • Sean Berdy as Emmett
  • Gilles Marini as Angelo
  • Guest star Marlee Matlin as Melody

Available Stages